Monday, September 6, 2010

Day: 45-49

Okay, so here is the last week with Eclipse in summary.

I taught a colt starting clinic Sat., Sun., and Mon. so my time was somewhat limited, but I managed to squeeze in a couple rides both Sat. and Sun. after the clinic. Saturday I warmed up in the Round pen and rode in the arena. Towards the end of the ride i caved and let one of my students Allison ride him a little. Until now I have been the only one that has ridden him. It was Eclipses turn to scratch his head. He was a little taken back by the feel of the new rider. The two of them finally got it working together.

Sunday at the end of the Clinic I did a riding demonstration with Eclipse. While I was winding the clinic down Cindy Appling and a friend of hers arrived for the riding demo. She took some candid photos of Eclipse. She also photographed our ride and liberty warm up session. I had to laugh as I worked Eclipse at liberty in the arena, I would draw him in and have the intentions of changing directions and all three times he would just come into me directly and not want to turn away. We had a lot of fun and all were impressed.

Monday he had the day off and Tuesday we were back at it. We focused on getting good shoulder movement at the trot. He struggles staying at the trot in one direction when I ask him to move the shoulder over. In many cases he willstop completly and do a turn on the haunches (hind legs). I slowed things down to help him understand that he can still give his shoulder and stay in the trot. We did have a first in the saddle for him, I was able to ride him up on the pedestal with all four feet! I held my breath as he teetered back and forth to get his balance on the small stool. Soon he will be solid enough to allow me to stand on him while he is up there. We wrappe dup our ride by riding through the woods.

Wednesday Eclipse had a special job. I was scheduled to receive a new mustang for training in the mustang majic competition in January in Fort Worth, Texas. I had such good luck with my happy accident with Eclipse when hauling him back from mississippi i decided to simulate it with my new mustng. That accident of course was getting both of the "stangs" in the front compartment where we were able to touch both of them before they came off the trailer. Once I got the new guy back to the barn in the trailer, voluteered Eclipse to go into the front compartment with the new Mustang to take up space and not allow the new horse to escape my touch. I had to laugh because once in the trailer with the other horse Eclipse was so confident that I had to restrain him from biting the new horse on the rump! He did his job successfully but did not make any friends in the process!

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