Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 1 Halter Breaking

Getting up early to go out on a Sunday morning is usually not my favaorite because thats my morning off, but this Sunday was different! Everyone seemed to be out at the barn this morning especially if they weren't there yesterday for the arrival. Both mustangs seemed calm and relaxed as we marched the other 30 horses past their pens for their morning feed. I prepared my mustangs feed a, mix of hay cubes whole oats and chopped forage, and brought it to him to see if he was as accepting of me as he was when I left last night. To my surprise he greeted me at the gate and nudged my hand as I walked through. It wasn't a dream I could still touch him! as much as i wanted to grab him right then and progress him further duty called and I did some work around the barn.
Rhonda Newman of was in town to do energetic evaluations of our new horse and many of the ones at our barn to determine their nutritional needs. She is one of the secrets of my success with all horses. Bottom line act and perform better and her herb line Equine Natural Choice is that key. About midday I haltered my horse for the first time with little trouble and she evaluated him. He was needing support to his nervous and immune system, needed a blood cleaner and support to his structural system. I expert to see big results in him in just a few weeks!
Once haltered the learning has begun. His first reaction to the rope halter which is light when they are not leaning and apply pressure when they do lean was interesting. He reared in the air and pawed at his head as if he was going to scrape it off! It didn't take long for him to start to understand the concept of giving to pressure. he would yield nicely then once he figured out what I was looking for then he would challenge what I was asking. I would patiently not back down until finally folded and the lesson was learned. By the end of the session my mustang was yeilding the hindquarters and the front end, and moving forward from the halter with the occasional rearing. It was a good day. Even led him out of his enclosure and into the feed pen where the water trough was to let him drink. It was a good day!


  1. Great descriptions! I can really see him trying to scrape his halter off! It sounds like you made great progression with your passive persistence! Will you load pictures of your journey on here? I'd love to see him, and how his eyes change over the next few weeks!
    Keep up the wonderful, and inspiring work!

  2. Thanks jen, pictures are comming soon as well as video once i master the technical stuff.... horses are so much easier:)