Monday, July 19, 2010

The pick up (cont.)

The next hitch we ran into transproting the mustangs home was actually a blessing in disguise. Our stock load trailer had a center divider that divides the trailer into two square compartments. We loaded one mustang into each compartment as planned only to discover on our first stop to get gas that I had not secured the devider properly the horses had married themselves into the front of the trailer! Oops! My bad. Well because they were side by side in the trailer, it afforded Kelsey and I the opportunity to touch our mustangs without moving away. So that worked out. The next hurdle would be separating them as they off loaded into there own pens.

It was great to arrive at the barn to most of my boarders anxiously awaiting our arrival. Shoots had been set up for the offloading process. Like I suspected, the mustangs were now like Velcro to each other. With a little finagling were able to get the two separated into their own pen. Once we got them settled in Both Kelsey and i took some time hanging out in their pens. My mustang readily accepted my touch and I was able to groom him from both sides before I went home for the evening. Kelsey's young mare on the other hand was still pretty skeptical of people and would eat from a bucket that she was holding but wouldn't allow her to touch her yet.

It had been a whirlwind trip, we were all tired and excited at the same time. We hung it up for the night only to return early tomorrow for our mustangs first day of training.

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