Sunday, July 18, 2010

The pick up

This Blog is about my latest journey with a BLM Mustang that I will have 90 days in which to convert from wild to wow! He is a three-year-old gelding that I will be competing with in the Tennessee Extreme Mustang Make Over. After a six hour journey to Piney Woods, Ms. (which didn't even come up on GPS) my students and I made it to the pick up point where we would be getting two mustangs. One yearling mare to be gentled in hand and one three year old to be started under-saddle. Both were randomly preselected. Both of our mustangs are black, the younger a mare and the older a gelding. We were only slightly unprepared for this adventure. The BLM will halter the mustang for you if you supplied the halter. As we found out too late the breakaway halter that i brought was too big and the yearling breakaway halter broke away when the gentleman tried to put it on. So we loaded our mustangs into our trailer "naked" and hoped for the best when we got back to Whispering Hills Farm in Canton, Ga.

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